• Gap Between Homeowners and Appraisers Narrows to Lowest Mark in 2 Years

    In today’s housing market, where supply is very low and demand is very high, home values are increasing rapidly. Many experts are projecting that home values could appreciate by another 4% or more over the next twelve months. One major... Read More

  • Practical Uses For Your Tax Refund

    Americans with tax refund checks may be starting to consider how to spend their money. Rather than using your tax refund for an impulse purchase this year, why not plan a practical use for the money? There are many awesome options that would allow... Read More

  • Wondering If You Can Buy Your First Home

    There are many people sitting on the sidelines trying to decide if they should purchase a home or sign a rental lease. Some might wonder if it makes sense to purchase a house before they are married and have a family, others might think they are too... Read More

  • 712,000 Homes in the US Regained Equity in the Past 12 Months

    CoreLogic’s latest Equity Report revealed that “over the past 12 months, 712,000 borrowers moved into positive equity.” This is great news, as the share of homeowners with negative equity (those who... Read More

  • 2018 Primed For A Banner Housing Year

    Confidence up, renting down It looks like 2018 could be a banner year for housing. Not only has homebuilder confidence hit its highest point in 18 years, but renting – and the building of rental units – is on a downturn. Both spell good... Read More

  • The Dream Home, What Does It Look Like For Different Buyers

    Buyer preference breakdown It appears the ultimate dream home looks very different from buyer to buyer. According to a new study, men, women, parents, non-parents and even dog- and cat-owners have distinct preferences when it comes to homes... Read More

  • Rents Are On The Rise. Do Not Get Caught In The Rental Trap.

    There are many benefits to homeownership. One of the top benefits is protecting yourself from rising rents, by locking in your housing cost for the life of your mortgage. Don’t Become Trapped  A recent article by Apartment List addressed... Read More

  • FHA Announces 2018 Loan Limits

    The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) announced a new schedule of loan limits that will go into effect on Jan. 1.   In high-cost areas of the country, FHA’s loan limit ceiling will increase from $636,150 to $679,650, while its floor... Read More

  • FHFA Increases Conforming Loan Limits for Second Straight Year.

    Last year, the Federal Housing Finance Agency increased the maximum conforming loan limits for mortgages to be acquired by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac for the first time since the housing crisis. And now, the FHFA is doing it again. For the... Read More

  • Median Home is $12,500 More Expensive Than One Year Ago

    The national median home value during October reached $203,400, which is $12,500 or 6.5 percent higher than it was one year ago, according to new data from Zillow.   The spike in median home value is being attributed to a low inventory. Zillow... Read More

  • 7 Reasons to List Your Home This Holiday Season

    Every year at this time, many homeowners decide to wait until after the holidays to put their homes on the market for the first time, while others who already have their homes on the market decide to take them off until after the holidays. Here are... Read More

  • Mortgage Interest Rates are Going Up. Should I Wait to Buy?

    Mortgage interest rates, as reported by Freddie Mac, have increased over the last several weeks. Freddie Mac, along with Fannie Mae, the Mortgage Bankers Association and the National Association... Read More

  • Multigenerational Households May Be The Answer To Price Increases

    Multigenerational homes are coming back in a big way! In the 1950s, about 21%, or 32.2 million Americans shared a roof with their grown children or parents. According to an article by Realtor.com, “Nearly 1 in 5 Americans... Read More

  • Fall and Winter Could Be Your Best Homebuying Months

    Knowing the right time to buy Experts say the right time to buy a home is when you feel right about purchasing. That means being financially and emotionally ready, of course. And this could be the best time of year to buy a home and hit both of... Read More

  • Buyers, Sellers and Renters Agree. It is Time to Buy!

    Sellers, buyers, renters all confident The housing market is on an upswing — at least that's what most American buyers, sellers and even renters think. According to Fannie Mae's Home Purchase Sentiment Index (HPSI), all three are... Read More